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Gutter Installation & Replacement

Though many more properties install guttering as standard when built, this hasn’t always been the case, and it varies depending on the age and style of the property.

We offer a free on-site consultation to discuss your guttering needs, explaining the different materials and styles along with a quotation for any proposed work.

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What is guttering, and why do I need it?

Well designed and installed guttering helps to move the flow of rainwater away from the building and into drains. This prevents the saturation of ground at the base of the building and offers protection from water damage.

Available in a range of materials with designs to complement or coordinate with every property, guttering is a practical and affordable addition to your home or commercial premises.

Will guttering damage my house?

If fitted correctly, guttering shouldn’t damage your property, but it’s important to understand the correct way to fit it and to choose the most suitable material for your home. Our team can help you decide if guttering is right for your property and explain the installation process and costs involved.

How much does it cost to install guttering on my property?

The cost for gutter installation will depend on a few factors, including-

  • Property size
  • Gutter type – seamless or sectional.
  • Gutter material – vinyl and aluminum tend to be cheaper, copper the most expensive.
  • Number of floors – the height and number of floors on the building.
  • Roof slope & type of roof – for example flat roof or pitched.
  • Property style – a contemporary home with minimal roof pitches will be quicker and cheaper than one with a more complex layout.
  • Existing guttering removal – if you already have guttering, we have to allow the time to remove this before work can begin on installing your new guttering.

    But don’t worry, we offer a free, no-obligation on-site consultation to discuss and explain your options and talk through the different guttering available. Aluminum guttering tends to be the cheapest with copper at the other end of the scale, however Copper is more durable so will last longer.

    CALL NOW for professional, friendly service. Installation, replacement & repairs undertaken by our knowledgeable, skilled team. Covering San Pedro and the surrounding areas.

  • Gutter Types

    Thanks to modern technology and improvements in fabrication, there is now a wide selection of guttering available. But don’t worry, we are here to help you select the most appropriate gutters for your home. These include-

  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Zinc
  • Concrete
  • Another important element to guttering is the way it’s constructed and installed. This is either-

  • Sectional – the traditional and still arguably the most common guttering used comes in various lengths, which are joined with seams during the installation process. While they’re still a good choice, they have a couple of downsides- Visible seams, seams may leak over time, seams may collect dirt and debris.
  • Seamless – constructed in a continuous length seamless guttering offers several benefits over sectional guttering, including- With no visible joins they offer a clean, modern aesthetic which is less likely to leak.
  • Gutter Styles

    Guttering is available in several styles created to complement different home and property types from period to contemporary. These include-

  • Half round – probably the guttering type that most people are familiar with this simple style resembles a half moon laying on its side.
  • K-Style – this style of guttering is similar to crown moulding in appearance and is another popular choice.
  • Box aluminum – most often seen on commercial buildings, this style offers a larger collection surface making it ideal for larger properties.
  • How do I pick the right guttering for my property?

    There are several things which may affect the guttering you choose, including-

  • Finances – thanks to cheap fabrication and materials, replacing or installing guttering is relatively inexpensive. However, as with most things, cheapest isn’t always best and you will see a difference in the length of service you can expect to see with the cheaper types not lasting as long as the more expensive ones.
  • Property type – nowadays it isn’t unusual to see a mix of materials and styles on properties such as contemporary buildings with a synergy of wood, concrete and glass. Guttering is available for heritage homes and contemporary alike, ensuring it blends with your building.
  • Property age – continuing on from the comment above, consider the age of your property. If you want to keep its old-world charm or contemporary feel, your choice of guttering should reflect this.
  • Stamps – can add texture and detail turning a plain grey slab into mock brickwork or tiles.
  • Location – if your house is in a conservation or historic part of town, it’s important to consider the style and color of gutter that best suits its location.
  • HOA – don’t forget to check with your local HOA (If you have one) if you plan on a drastic change of color or the appearance of your home, including installing or replacing the guttering.
  • Climate – the weather in your area is an important factor governing which guttering to install. Some types aren’t suitable, but we’ll discuss this on our on-site consultation and advice which will suit your property and environment best.

  • Don’t worry, we’re here to help with everything from selecting the right material, style and color of guttering so it enhances your home and helps divert the rain away from your property.

    Gutter Accessories

    There are several additions to a guttering system created to either cut down on maintenance or as a protection against the weather. These include-

  • Splash blocks – these direct the water away from your foundations.
  • Gutter hangers – these are helpful if your property is in an area which sees windy conditions.
  • Gutter guards – these inhibit the collection of debris in the gutters, resulting in less maintenance and a free flowing system.
  • Flashing – these help if you are in an area which sees high rainfall.
  • Heat tape – these help in climates with freezing temperatures prone to ice dams.

    Don’t worry, we’ll discuss all the accessories with you and will only suggest things which will be valuable to your property and help keep your system free flowing or help cut down on maintenance.

  • How long does guttering last?

    How long your guttering lasts will depend on a few things, most important of which is the material from which it’s made. You can expect copper to last the longest with vinyl and aluminum at the other end of the scale.

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    Gutter Repairs

    Gutter repairs can range from a blocked or overflowing gutter to an extensive repair following severe weather. But no matter how small, or how expansive your gutter repairs are, our friendly, professional team can help.

    With all the other expenses of modern life, it can be tempting to put off the little repairs around the home like that leaky gutter. But little things have a habit of becoming larger problems if left, so we always advise our clients to address repairs sooner rather than later. That cracked or missing section of guttering may let water in, causing unseen damage.

    Please, unless you have the right equipment and safety gear, don’t crawl around on your roof to tend to repairs.

    Our team receives safety training and is equipped with the right tools for the job. Climbing on your roof may cause bigger issues and may endanger your life. Keep safe and call in the experts.

    Gutter Maintenance

    While it is not necessarily essential to call out a company to tend to your gutter maintenance if your property is complex with many gutters over several floors it will be safer and save you time to call in the professionals.

    Before the fall and winter season sets in you’ll want to ensure your gutters, downpipes and drains are clear of leaves and debris to ensure the free flow of water through the system.

    Talk to us about installing gutter guards which inhibit the collection of debris cutting down on maintenance.

    CALL NOW for professional, friendly service. Installation, replacement & repairs undertaken by our knowledgeable, skilled team. Covering San Pedro and the surrounding areas.

    Commercial & Business Services

    All our services are available for residential, business, and commercial clients. We offer a comprehensive service to our commercial clients, with skilled professionals and excellent customer service.

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    CALL NOW for professional, friendly service. Installation, replacement & repairs undertaken by our knowledgeable, skilled team. Covering San Pedro and the surrounding areas.

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